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1. Designed Stronger

2. Injection Molded with ABS plastic for strength and durability.

3. Estimated Shipping to you Spring 2023

     We have been making replacement toy parts for years now. Helping thousands of people rebuild their vintage toys. We are toy collectors and enjoy restoring older toys and saving them from certain death. After producing both versions of the Shogun Warrior Missile, it is only fitting to produce the jumbo shogun warrior missile firing fist. One that is even better than the original.

     Designed Stronger. By using high pressure injection molding with ABS plastic. Far superior than the original plastic. Most common on the 24 inch tall Grendizer and Mazinger, the originals are prone to breaking at the connection joints, and the firing mechanisms always seem to be broken. If you are a Jumbo collector, you know exactly what we are talking about.

     By using the same manufacturer and processes to produce the missiles, we will be able to bring this project to completion in a concise and timely manner. As you can see in the video, all the design work has already been completed. Highly detailed FDM and SLA 3D printed prototypes have been made to test for proper fit and function.

Estimated Shipping to you Spring 2023 –

      As of now, we have no risks, but we will communicate with you if anything arises. There are always challenges when producing any product and it's possible that there may be unforeseen delays in production. Any unforeseen challenges would be associated with unprecedented circumstances like the recent pandemic.

What is A Pre-Order?

     A Pre-order is a made-to-order, limited edition release. They are available to order for a limited amount of time, are then made-to-order, and will deliver when production is completed. Mazinger and Grendizer are not included. Pre order is for one Missile Firing Fist.

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